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Best time to invest in your Garden Shed

Posted by Chris Mills on
Best time to invest in your Garden Shed

Best Time To Buy

Buying a garden shed any time of year is a great idea; perfect for solving your storage problems, creating outdoor living space or getting that work/life balance just right by taking work down to the bottom of the garden.

As the warmer, Great British weather entices people into the garden, more and more people invest in summerhouses to turn into home offices /  gyms / outdoor living space etc. With the warmer weather also the perfect time to complete those garden projects, we also see a surge in demand for garden sheds too.

As the months of November – March are generally colder and wetter, you would think that it is time to forget the garden as less people venture out to be in the garden, but this does not mean that buying your garden building during these months is off the ‘to-do list’.

Spring / Summer

Yes the thought the days getting longer and nights being warmer are the perfect mix to entice you to spend more time in the garden, it doesn’t always mean buying your garden building during these months makes it the ‘right time to buy’. With a surge in demand comes a longer wait and as with many industries, when theres an increase in supply and demand this can also be followed by a price increase. As many garden projects are under-taken in these months, investing in your garden building too can sometimes be better during the winter months when lead times are shorter, prices generally cheaper giving you both a head start on filling / modifying your garden building and also saving a couple of quid that can be put towards doing up the rest of the garden too!

Buying your garden building in the summer does however have many advantages. From being able to get your foundations prepared in less wet and windy weather to being able to get the most of having your friends and family around to enjoy the warmer weather. There is nothing better than sitting in your summer house relaxing with a glass of wine and unwinding.

Autumn / Winter

Despite the weather being less favourable and the idea of buying garden furniture in the winter isn’t something you’d usually do, don’t let the idea of buying your new garden building during the winter put you off. After a hectic summer and getting the house ready for the big day in December, organising your storage space may be on the agenda and a garden shed may just be what your missing!

New years resolution to have a change of life-style? be it from trying to keep to the ‘keep fit’ new years resolution to moving your home office out of the home but not wanting the commute into an expensive inner city office, buying a summer house in the winter may not be such a bad idea. With many people investing in a summer house to convert into a home-gym or home-office, the potential of what you can do with your garden building to improve your life style or home/work balance is limitless…

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