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Is your Shed Winter ready?

Posted by Chris Mills on
Is your Shed Winter ready?

Winter Ready

There are plenty of ways to get your garden building winter ready as we approach the cold winter months ahead. A little TLC can make a big difference, from just a quick lick of paint to ensuring any repairs or maintenance that you’ve been putting off is done in a timely manner.

A Lick of Paint

To guarantee that your garden building will be protected against the cold weather, give your building some TLC with a lick of paint. Any timber shed paint from your local DIY or hardware store that is oil/spirit based, ensuring your building not only looks fresh but will protect your shed or summerhouse from water penetration that can occur during long spells of rain.

Protect Your Belongings

Unless your building is being used yearly round as a workshop, home office or outdoor living area that is insulated and heated, your garden building can become a cold and harsh place for your items if not well protected.

To protect your power tools and other materials from damp, especially when you’re not using them, it’s best to pack them away in cabinets, boxes, or cupboards, and move them indoors during the winter.

If you plan to leave the tools in your shed during the cold months, you’ll want to make sure they’re not left lying on the ground. Consider placing silicon sachets in tool boxes as well to absorb damp before it causes any damage.


As the cold weather kicks in it is all too easy to pop things in the shed, close the door and come back to them in spring. Ensuring good organisation such as installing shelving will make for finding those items you probably thought you’d lost, easy to find!

Give your building the once over prior to winter. Remember timber is a natural product and prone to knotholes falling out and as timber matures, splits can occur. Although these are by no way considered to compromise the structural integrity of your building; simply applying wood filler or silicone to these areas can ensure your building is prepared for the months ahead.

Check the surroundings of your garden building too, if those tree branches need cutting back then now is the perfect time to do so. Prune back any bushes / shrubs that may be encroaching on your building to ensure no moisture from them begin to penetrate through the timber.

Focus On The Rest Of Your Garden Too…

Now you’ve ensured your garden building is winter ready, give the rest of your garden the once over too.

Have a tidy up of your boarders by removing any dead leaves or weeds, turn the soil and any summer bedding plants that have had better days, ensuring you’ve given them a head start. Take time to focus on your lawn too, giving it one last cut and sprinkling of seeds that will ensure it receives the nutrients it requires to keep it strong throughout the winter. Finally, ensuring your patio or paths are kept clear is important too. A brush and clearance of weeds/moss that may have built up over the year will ensure they are less hazardous during them frosty winter days.

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