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Corner Summerhouse


The Corner Summerhouse is a stunning building that will add a touch of modern elegance to any outdoor space. The full pane doors and windows provide a panoramic view of your garden, complete with 3mm toughened glazing for a bright, beautiful and secure summerhouse.

Manufactured from superior quality materials and finished with attractive antique accessories, the building will be a much-loved feature of your garden for years to come. The summerhouse is perfect for sunny days, with full length windows allowing maximum light to shine into the spacious interior.

While the Corner Summerhouse is ideal for summer, the heavy duty mineral roofing felt that is supplied as standard provides weatherproof protection in all seasons. Heavy duty 28x44mm rounded four corner framing gives the summerhouse strength and sturdiness, and the 12mm shiplap tongue and groove cladding is attractive as well as secure.

The full pane windows, double doors and pent roof make this building a modern beauty to be admired from all angles, and the corner design is perfect for making the most of available garden space.

Buildings slope from front to back. Buildings are approx. 6ft at the back with the average front being approx. 6′ 6″

All sizes quoted are ROOF and not FLOOR sizes.
For approximate dimensions of your chosen building, please ask for details.

For full details, please see our Terms & Conditions.

Sizes are taken from roof that meets in the back corner at a 90 degree angle. All door panels measure 68inches regardless of the size building ordered. For the exact dimension of the product, or to receive a floor plan please email:

Although timbers on this building have been treated, they do not prevent water ingress that can occur during rainfall. This is remedied by treating the building with an oil, silicon or PVA based treatment. Throughout the year timber can appear to have moved and cause daylight to appear through the joints.

This is caused by shrinking and expanding due to changes in temperature. Timber is a natural product and prone to changes in appearance, including some movement and the occurrence of small knot holes or splits due to changes in temperatures and weather conditions.

Any splits, knots, warping or similar visual imperfections in the timber will not affect the structural integrity of the product in any way.

None of the above render the product unfit for purpose.

Free delivery is offered to the following postcode prefixes: *L, *PR, FY*, *CH, *WN and *WA1-13 on all garden buildings.

Unless other wise stated, installation of your garden shed or summerhouse is included within the price of your building that is delivered free of charge within our free delivery postcodes.

All garden sheds and summerhouses are screwed together internally when installed – no cheap nails on the outside holding your building together! Our installation service includes the application of roof covering, glazing of windows (if chosen) as well as the building being constructed.

To gain access to your garden, we must be able to walk around the OUTSIDE of your property. We do not carry panels over walls or outbuildings under no circumstances.

It is essential that a firm and level base be in place before installation can take place. This can be concrete, patio paving flag stones, decking or any other solid foundation. Your firm and level base must measure the same size as the building you are ordering (or larger) and the whole area must be covered to ensure the integrity of your buildings floor is not compromised. We will not install a building on grass or soil.

Any garden building that is over 12ft wide – roofs may sometimes not be pre-felted therefore require the installation team to apply this once the building is constructed. This will require an area of 1ft to either side and to the rear of your building being needed by our installation team. If you require further information or clarification, please call our sales office on 0151 922 5282 or email

Failure to provide the above, will result in the installation being aborted and the building being flat pack at your property for self-installation. If we are required to revisit due to your solid level base not being suitable, a re-visit fee will be charged. (POA)

It is important to ensure you have clear, unrestricted access from the road to your base at the time of delivery. Most of our buildings require a height clearance of over 6ft. Under no circumstances do we carry over any fences, walls, outbuildings etc. for health and safety reasons.

To gain access to your garden, we must be able to walk around the OUTSIDE of your property. We do not carry panels over walls or outbuildings under no circumstances.

When ordering a garden shed 8×8 or larger (or ANY size summerhouse) it is imperative to ensure you have 8ft height clearance from where our vehicle can park to the base upon installation. Checking that washing lines are removed, door frames are removed from side gates or any arched passages are a minimum of 8ft high.

Failure to provide either of the above at the time of delivery, installation will abort the installation service and the building will be delivered only for the customer to install themselves – or should we be required to revisit to commence installation a fee will be charged.


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