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10 Year Guarantee

At Merseyside Sheds, we offer a 10 year guarantee on all of our timber garden buildings. 

We find that our customers garden buildings can last as long as 25+ years however, in the unlikely event that a defect occurs you are covered.

What is covered?

Our 10 year guarantee covers timbers from:

1. Rot

2. Insect infestation 

How to maintain the validity of the guarantee

Garden Sheds and Summerhouses: We supply all of our garden sheds treated, you will have either purchased a pressure treated building or a building that has been treated with our factory coat of timber preserve. Once we have delivered your building, is it important to treat the building yourself with an oil or spirit based high quality timber preserve and every year thereafter.

Log Cabins: All timber log cabins are supplied untreated, although the timber bearers your log cabin is supplied with are pressure treated. It is imperative to treat your log cabin as soon as practically possible once installed and every year thereafter.

We also recommend you follow our aftercare information page that can be found here.

When treating your garden building, it is important to follow the suppliers instructions on how many coats are best for your building.

What is not covered by our guarantee.

Timber is a natural product and prone to changes in appearance, including some movement and the occurrence of small knot holes or splits due to changes in temperatures and weather conditions. Throughout the year timber can appear to have moved and cause daylight to appear through the joints. This is caused by shrinking and expanding due to changes in temperature. 

Any splits, knots, warping or similar visual imperfections in the timber will not affect the structural integrity of the product in any way.

Terms and conditions of claims against the Guarantee

1.Any claim must be from the buildings original purchaser, in writing along with proof of purchase and proof of maintaining the validity of the guarantee.

2. The guarantee does not cover the roofing felt, ironmongery or glazing units.

3. Merseyside Sheds have the right not to honour the guarantee should the complaint be in relation to normal natural timber movement, maturing, or changes in appearance, including movement, warping, splitting, or appearance of knot holes or natural splits. This will not affect the structural integrity of the building and is therefore not covered by a guarantee.

4. Any modifications of the building have been made in anyway whatsoever

5. The building has not been treated in accordance to the validity instructions above, the aftercare of your building per our advice not been followed and the building has come into contact with any trees or exterior walls which could allow moisture to penetrate the timber.

Merseyside Sheds will request photographic evidence that your building has an evident fault and they will be used to determine whether the fault qualifies for replacement / repair under this guarantee.