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To prolong the life of your garden building, we recommend you adhere to the following information:

  • Always check there are no overhanging branches or leaves above your building, this can wear away the felt or break off and damage the roof.

  • Check you have no puddles of water collecting under your shed.

  • All door furniture must be oiled on a regular basis.

  • Silicone seals may need to be replaced when required.

  • The exterior of your garden shed and summerhouse features treated timbers (treatment type depends on range of building). We recommend treating the building once installed to waterproof the timbers with a timber treatment that is either oil, solvent or PVC based. If water penetration occurs we recommend you seal your building with a waterproof paint or sealant – more than one coat may be required, check the manufacturers recommendations. Please allow adequate space around your building for future maintenance.

  • Log Cabins are supplied untreated and as such are required to be treated as soon as practically possible once installed.

  • Gutters can be fitted – this stops drips of water being blown on to the building, and also stops splash back onto the bottom of the building.

  • If your garden building is erected in damp inclement conditions, you must ensure you leave adequate ventilation to allow the building to dry. If you fail to ventilate the building whilst timbers are drying out, condensation will occur. This will produce drips or runs of water inside the building, which may be mistaken for leaks. Condensation will also build up on the inside of the windows.

  • We use heavy duty felt, this is the best on the market because it is manufactured with a polyester backing. It can move with atmospheric conditions, this is out of our control and will not effect the performance. We felt the buildings in a way that has been tried and tested by the company for over twenty years. The roof size is always the size quoted on our garden sheds and summerhouses.

No timber treatment that is given to any building protects them from water ingress, that can occur during spells of rainfall. We recommend treating your building once installed with either timber treatment that is either oil, solvent or PVC based. Water ingress can also occur during spells of rainfall. This is remedied easily by coating your building per the advice above. Please note that if your building has been delivered during rainfall, our buildings are delivered on an open, flatbed truck therefore exposed to the elements. This in turn can give the impression that your building has allowed water enter the building – this is not the case. We strongly recommend waiting for a dry day when your building has had time to dry, then apply a timber treatment that is either oil, solvent or PVC based to waterproof your building.