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Here is our A-Z dictionary to help understand some of the basic and not so basic terminology you may come across when buying a garden shed.


Apex - A roof style that is most common your standard garden shed. It is the upside down V shape, that sits on either side wall of your shed and meets in the centre of your shed

Access - this is possibly one of our most important topics when buying a garden shed. All buildings are delivered flat pack, however to get some buildings in i.e. a floor from an 8x8, will measure 8ft long and 8ft tall when stood upright being carried in. Due to health and safety as well weight of each panel, they require a minimum height restriction of 8ft. For example, if a gate that we have to walk through has a frame above it, this needs to be removed prior to our arrival.
There are certain ways to overcome certain height restrictions however you must inform us of any prior to ordering.


Cladding - This is the material used on the walls of your building. There are hundreds of different options, with different terminologies to describe what the walls of your shed are made of. The thickness and the quality are one of the most important qualities to check for and this is predominantly the main factor that helps determine price.


Dip treatment - A common form of treatment where each shed panel is submerged into a tank filled with a water-based timber preserve (usually coloured), treating all surfaces of the timber. At Merseyside Sheds, our dip-treated sheds are finished in a red cedar colour.


Eaves - This is the height between the floor and the lowest part of the roof. We offer a range of buildings, with different eave height that are perfect for a multitude of purposes. It is important when shed shopping to ensure you check this information out.

Extras - At Merseyside Sheds we include a lot into our pricing including the delivery and installation of your garden shed, and have a range of optional extras that are there for you to choose from should they be necessary. Many companies have a lot of extras that we deem the 'basics' and do not include these in their basic price - always double check when comparing pricing that your basics are provided without having to add these as 'extras'


Fascias - The boards that are fixed to the end of your roof along the gable sides. Mainly there to add that 'finishing touch' to its appearance and conceals the external joints in the roof.

Flooring - The wooden floor supplied with all of our garden sheds, manufactured from tongue and groove timbers to ensure a solid and durable platform for your possessions to be placed upon inside your shed.

Foundation - All garden sheds must be placed on a solid and level base, usually made up of concrete slabs (flag stones), decking, block paving or other similar materials. This is essential to ensure your shed floor is fully supported.

Framing - The beams inside a garden shed that the cladding is nailed to. All of our shed framing is machined from a high quality redwood finishing 28x44mm and is rounded on all four corners to add a smoother finish. These are also placed underneath the tongue and groove floor boards, raising the floor of your garden shed off the ground by 44mm.

Felt - The mineral roof covering that is applied to the roof to protect the building from the elements.Unlike standard shed felt 'fibre glass felt', this is extremely tough and does not tear easily. There are many different types of roofing felt available but at Merseyside Sheds we only use a heavy duty polyester roofing felt, that is tough and hardwearing - just like our sheds!


Galvanised - all nails that are used to secure the timbers to the framework of your garden shed are galvanised, this protects them from the elements against rust to ensure the structure of your garden shed is not compromised.

Gable - The smallest 'narrow' section of a garden shed. On our standard Apex garden sheds, all door sections are placed in the gable 'narrow' section of the building, however we also give you this option should you buy a Pent style roof garden shed.


Ironmongery - the hardware that is used to keep everything together. From the nails securing the timber to the framework to the hinges holding the doors in place, we only quality ironmongery throughout the construction of our garden sheds to make sure all areas of our building so no areas are compromised.


Pent - a modern style of roof, that is made with only one panel that slopes from front to back. Supported using a heavy 44x56mm frame, our Pent roof garden sheds are becoming ever more popular. A pent roof shed is a more flexible option of our range of garden sheds as it allows you to place the door any side of the building.

Polyester - this is the type of roofing felt that we apply to all of our garden sheds, summer houses and children play houses. Unlike standard shed felt 'fibre glass felt', this is extremely tough and does not tear easily. As standard, we use this across our sheds from our smallest storage shed to our biggest garden sheds.

Pressure Treatment - a form of treatment where timbers are placed into a vacuum cylinder and flooded with preservative at a high pressure to ensure it is forced deep into the wood. This is the best quality of timber treatment as it guarantees protection against rot and decay for years to come.


Shiplap - Shiplap cladding is a profile of tongue and groove timber, it features a small chamfer on the top of each board that is designed to allow rainwater to run off your shed much faster than standard tongue and groove timber. It also offers an attractive appearance to the exterior of your garden building too.


Tongue and Groove - this is the top and bottom part of each board that slot into each other where the 'tongue' sits inside the 'groove', providing a much stronger finish to your garden shed.

Toughened Glass - all of our windows come glazed with 3mm toughened glass as standard. Toughened glass is a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal treatment to increase its strength making your garden shed more secure. We do not charge extra for this as we believe your shed should be as secure as possible therefore do not compromise this when it comes to the glazing of your shed.