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Ted's Cabin 14x8 - 44mm


Available with FREE and FAST delivery (within 2-3 weeks). Installation service available, POA.

The Teds Cabin Log Cabin has a signature pent roof style with an all-round overhang – with a very practical, and very modern looking studio style. The 44mm thick walls provide a solid barrier against the elements and external sound, insulating you in an oasis of calm. The huge front glass doors and windows bring in plenty of light, creating a well-lit, airy, and bright room ideal for working or relaxing. These windows are fully silicone and beaded in. The windows are draft-sealed as standard, as are the lockable double fully glazed doors. The Teds Cabin is a hugely adaptable building and is easy to customise, you may wish to use it as garden room, a studio office, even an extra bedroom – focus, relax, retreat or entertain, the Teds Cabin is the perfect space whatever you need.

The Teds Cabin is our Managers Special and only available in 14x8.

All building sizes on LOG CABINS are taken from the external log size and do not take into account the ROOF size. You must ensure you leave approx. 18in around your building.
Height at Rear 6ft 9in.

Cladding: 44mm Interlocking Tongue and Groove Logs (untreated)

Flooring: 19mm Tongue and Groove (untreated) Floor bearers 58x44mm (pressure treated)

Roof: 19mm Tongue and Groove (untreated)

Glazing: Full glazed - toughened glass

Locking System: High security 3-lever lock

Door: Double Doors

Roof Covering: Polyester Green Mineral Felt

All log cabins are delivered kerbside only. We request that you leave a free space as close to the kerbside as possible for the driver to leave the building.

Movement of delivered goods beyond kerbside is the responsibility of the customer.

If possible, please ensure there are no obstacles, such as your (or your neighbours’) vehicle, that could impede the unloading on the delivery day.
Please advise us beforehand if there any overhead obstacles such as overhang trees or telephone cables that could impede the unloading on the delivery day.

Pricing for Log Cabins is kerbside delivery only. We have our own inhouse team who can provide a professional installation of your Log Cabin. For prices please contact our sales office on 0151 9225282 for details.


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